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In Southern CA, security is crucial to running any commercial business, educational facility or high security establishment. Every organization needs to be fully protected around the clock from unwanted intruders and unexpected threats.

To ensure all your needs are met, JRC Security offers a full range of security services from armed/unarmed, Employee Termination, and Executive Protection Security. A reputation built on trust, experience, reliability and a different approach when compared to other similar services; these professional security services are second to none.

All around Southern CA, JRC Security provides physical security personnel with unique skills and professional attributes that will meet your specific security requirements. These security personnel have proven to be a long-term value to many of JRC’s clients. After all, you need more than just “warm body” in charge of your company’s most valuable assets. JRC believes that a security guard should not just be present for show, but should contribute real value to the organization it’s protecting.

JRC Security is one of the few Southern, CA Private Patrol Operator (PPO) that train and certify its own Security Officers in Guard Card, Exposed Firearms, Baton, OC Pepper Spray, Handcuffing and all mandated State requirements.

24/7 Security Officers ∙ Armed ∙ Unarmed ∙ Executive Protection ∙ Employment Terminations
Guard Card Training ∙ Firearms Training ∙ Baton Training ∙ Pepper Spray Training
Handcuff Training
PPO # 15901
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San Deigo Sheriff's Conceal Carry Training