About Us

Since 2003 JRC Consulting, Inc. Security & Training Division, opened its doors to provide a unique service to organizations with physical security needs, under one entity.
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We recognize that current contract physical security firms are performing under old business guidelines that are no longer applicable in today’s market and economy. These firms do not identify these service gaps and only value the quantity of hours of service and simply lost the true importance as to why they are in business…“the client”.

JRC executive management team has 25 years of combined experience on proprietary, contract security and State certification training (firearms, baton, OC Pepper spray) and understands both sides of the business and service aspects.
JRC Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing the following, which most competitors may not perform under their current multi-level sales business platform:

  • JRC does not have any sales representatives. JRC executive management and security team initiates and manages all contracts directly.
  • JRC will perform, at no cost to the client, a service assessment with the objective to reduce the hours of service needed, instead of an increase.
  • JRC will always hire an officer that fits accordingly to the responsibilities/task, instead of just filling a gap with a uniform to invoice hours of service to the client.
  • JRC will always train/brief its officers in-house before assigning to any client.
  • JRC CEO will always have direct contact with the client throughout the service period and may be contacted 24/7, via email or mobile phone.
  • JRC provides full disclosure as it relates to bill rates, employee compensation and training.
  • JRC does not hire security rover positions to cover our sites when an officer is unable to be on post (just to invoice hours of service). Only site trained officers would be required to perform coverage/holdover, at no extra cost to the client.