Intuitively, you might know that you need a security company; however, below are some reasons why JRC Security can be an asset:
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Adequate security program custom fitted to your needs only allowing your businesses and events to operate smoothly.

Having the peace of mind that your employees, organization and your belongings are protected by experienced security service that understands your business goals and budget.

Security services that may prevent legal liabilities and significantly cut down on unnecessary business interruptions.

Many of JRS’s security officers can assist your company with dual security positions, increasing the value of the service.

For Example

Security officers can serve as a receptionist assisting vendors and visitors, while training to perform security duties for access control and closed circuit cameras.
Security officers can assist the logistics departments by controlling, monitoring, and verifying shipments while performing security duties.

JRC Security provides peace of mind not just to you but also to your staff, visitors, and clients. The presence of a uniformed guard at your business or event creates an atmosphere of safety and protection.

Security Service

Ready When You Are
At JRC Security, we understand that your security needs are ever changing. To that end, a customized security program will be created including one or more of the following security services:

  • Uniformed Officers
  • Non-uniformed Officers
  • Armed Security Officers
  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Front-desk Security Officers
  • Commercial Security Officers
  • Executive protection Officers