San Diego Sheriff's Conceal Carry Training

Application Process

Applications for a concealed weapons license (CCW) must be submitted online through Permitium. Supporting documentation must also be uploaded during this process. You may pay with a credit card and schedule your appointment online. If you choose to pay in person with cash or check, there is an option to “pay cash at counter” as well.

Each application will be reviewed by License Division Staff to determine initial eligibility. Applications accepted will be individually investigated to determine residency and moral character. Anyone on any form of probation is automatically disqualified. There are four issuing categories in which the County of San Diego issues concealed weapons. Applicants will be required to submit documentation to support and demonstrate their need for any of the categories. The categories are:

Protected law enforcement
Personal protection

Initial Application Fees

San Diego Sheriff Department collects $20.00 plus the applicable Live scan (State) fee below. The remainder $80.00 must be submitted at the time of issuance.

Standard (Two-year) license – $93.00
Judicial (Three-year) license – $115.00 *You must be a Judge
Reserve Peace Officer (Four-year) – $137.00 *You must be a Reserve Officer for Law Enforcement

Renewal Fees

A single payment in the form of cash or check made payable to San Diego Sheriff’s Department shall be submitted for renewal of a CCW permit as shown below:

Standard (Two-year) license – $77.00
Judicial (Three-year) license – $99.00
Reserve Peace Officer (Four-year) – $121.00
Fees are subject to change as allowed by law. They are processing fees and, as such, are not refundable regardless of the decision made on the application.


All new applicants must demonstrate they are residents of San Diego County and good moral character, pursuant to Penal Code §26150. For purposes of this application, applicants must submit proof of residency in the form of two current monthly bills that list their name, service address and mailing address (or other similar type proof). It is preferred that at least one of the monthly bills be a utility bill.

If there are other questions, please call Sheriff’s License Division at 858-974-2020.

I've Been Approved - Now What?

If you are approved for a new CCW, you will receive an email from

You will need to pay the final fee (you can do this online if you want) and complete an 8-hour Firearm Safety course. Part of the course is classroom and part is qualifying with the firearms you want listed on your CCW. At the end of the class, you will receive a Firearms Safety & Proficiency Certificate with the firearms make, model, caliber and serial number.

Call or email us to provide you with pricing and class dates and answer any questions you may have.

George Rodriguez – 760-473-6348,
George Orta – 619-754-3386,

The course of fire is:
From the 7-yard line 5 Rounds Two-hand grip
5-yard line 5 Rounds Two-hand grip
3 Yard line 3 Rounds One-hand (Strong ONLY)
3 Yard line 2 Rounds One-hand (Weak ONLY)

In order to pass the course of fire, you must have 11 of the 15 Rounds fired either hit on the line or inside of the target.

If you cannot demonstrate proficiency, we will not be able to issue the certification.

However, we can provide you the opportunity to practice and return seven days later to re-qualify.

Upon successful completion of the above training Upload the Certificate into Permitium (via the Order Tracker).

Last step, email us at to let us know you have completed the safety course and uploaded your certificate. As long as all fees are paid and there are no problems with your certificate, your CCW will be mailed to you.